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We do more than just buy and sell real estate.

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At NextHome Luxe Coastal, we do more than simply help you buy or sell your next home. Our broker and agents are experts in many areas that impact the real estate transaction. From helping you establish the best value proposition and assistance in negotiating the deal, to providing counsel and dispute resolution expertise, NextHome Luxe Coastal is simply better positioned to help you, the real estate client, achieve your goals.


New to the Tampa Bay area?  Or are you simply upsizing or downsizing your current home?  Are you looking for a second home or a vacation property?  Whatever the reason you are in the market to buy a home in St. Petersburg, Florida and its surrounding communities, NextHome Luxe Coastal and its professionals are here to help. Technology is great, but human contact and interaction is essential to knowing the area and truly evaluating a home.  The neighborhood?  School districts?  Entertainment?  Commutes to work….or the beach?  NextHome Luxe Coastal’s real estate agents know St. Petersburg and its urban and coastal lifestyle.  Let’s connect today to make your home-buying experience a value-added pleasure!

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There are a lot of real estate agents out there.  We get it.  How do you choose the agent that is right (and best) for you?!?  At NextHome Luxe Coastal we offer our client’s much more than an MLS listing, a lockbox, and the occasional open house.  Luxe Coastal’s sales associates are local area experts; seasoned sales agents and real estate professionals that have lived and worked in the St. Petersburg area for decades.  Even more important, Luxe Coastal’s agents use its best-in-class technology to make your home a showcase for buyers.

  • Listing Syndication
  • Mobile Connect
  • Paperless Open House
  • Studeo 3D Walkthroughs
  • Digital Transaction Management
  • Digital Design Center
  • Drone View

In today’s market, buyers are savvy, so you need an agent that is equipped to intelligently market to them, finding the right buyer and maximizing the return on your home.  Luxe Coastal’s Concierge RE program provides a one-stop-shop that is second to none in the Tampa Bay Area when it comes to selling your home.  Let NextHome Luxe Coastal help you today!  

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What is ConciergeRE ?

NextHome Luxe Coastal is not just another real estate brokerage – we are your one-stop solution for all your real estate needs.
con*cierge (kan-se-‘er-erzh): a person or service that provides assistance with personal business.

At NextHome Luxe Coastal, we humbly realize that not all real estate brokerages are created equal….and that real estate is not as simple as just listing, selling, and buying real estate. Much more goes into counseling a client about his or her real estate transaction. Sure, a real estate brokerage needs to provide exceptional input on valuing, marketing, and ultimately selling (or buying) real estate. But that goes without saying….and is quite frankly only a small part of the value that can (and should) be added to the lives of a real estate client.

Your concerns, our expertise.

Agent Compensation and Its Effect on My Transaction.

With developments on the national stage regarding real estate agent compensation, how can sellers and buyers be confident that the listing agreements and purchase and sale agreements they use will not only be lawful in this changing landscape, but more importantly, be drafted in a way to still achieve what everyone wants: a succesful, profitable, and mutually advantageous real estate transaction? NextHome Luxe Coastal’s Broker and Owners are all licensed Florida attorneys, with collectively over eight (80) years of experience drafting, interpreting, negotiating, resolving and, if necessary, litigating real estate disputes. So, if in hiring a real estate brokerage an issue comes up that is unanticipated, complex, and/or undesirable, you, the real estate client already have access to professionals via NextHome Luxe Coastal’s sister company, LeavenLaw**, to assist you with the transaction. NextHome Luxe Coastal is a one-stop real estate shop.

Contract Drafting & Interpretation.

From listing and selling properties to contract drafting and interpretation, our expert team will guide you through every step of the process. No need to look elsewhere – we have all you need under one roof. Ian Leavengood, NextHome Luxe Coastal’s Broker-Owner, and fellow Owner, Peter Vasti, have decades of experience between them drafting and counseling clients on the use of contracts in achieving their goals. At NextHome Luxe Coastal, you will be in great hands.

Clouds on Title.

Does a title search show unexpected problems with real estate parcel being purchased or sold? At NextHome Luxe Coastal, that is not a problem. Not at all. Here, your real estate broker provides resources all under the same roof that alows us to interpret title blemishes, answer questions, and make suggestions on how to deal with such title defects. At NextHome Luxe Coastal, you, the real estate client, have resources available under the same roof that quite simply are not available to you in the vast majority of other real estate brokerage situations. There is a difference in real estate brokerages.

Land Use & Development.

Questions about land use? Buying or selling property with an eye toward development? What are my options? Or better said, what are my obstacles?!? Interpreting statutes and ordinances can be very complex. Understanding and negotiating changes in a property’s permitted use can be even harder. And perhaps most importantly, not everyone can do it. At NextHome Luxe Coastal, if you, the real estate client, have questions about land use and development, we can help you by providing you immediate access to real estate attorneys in NHLC’s sister company, LeavenLaw**, to answer your questions and keep your real estate transaction on track. At NextHome Luxe Coastal, we’ve got you covered.

Negotiation and Dispute Resolution.

Let’s face it: real estate is one of the most valuable assets in a person’s life. And buying and selling it can be both highly emotional and as such, a tough process. At NextHome Luxe Coastal, its Broker and Owners haven been negotiating contracts, deals, and disputes collectively for over eight (80) years and have handled literally tens of thousands of transactions! In other words, we are skilled at negotiation and getting results. If you hire NextHome Luxe Coastal as your real estate brokerage, rest assured we will work tirelessly to ensure you get the best transaction price possible . . . and if any disputes arise, post-contract, our team is here to assist you with a prompt and effective resolution. NextHome Luxe Coastal: your one-stop real estate shop.

Closing the Transaction.

Real estate closings can be complex. Hundreds of pages of documents. Disclosures. Notes. Mortgages. Deeds. Affidavits. What do they all mean? And should I just be signing these documents without understanding them, or at least having the ability to ask questions and get them answered by professionals that are competent and qualified to provide such answers? Not to worry if you are working with a real estate agent at NextHome Luxe Coastal. With licensed title agents who have closed thousands of transactions in their separate legal career, NextHome Luxe Coastal has professionals that are super-qualified to answer your title and closing questions, and ultimately close your transaction with confidence. There is a difference in real estate brokerages: NextHome Luxe Coastal.


Finally, in rare cases, if a real estate transaction encounters issues that cannot be amicably resolved and litigation becomes necessary, by hiring NextHome Luxe Coastal as your real estate brokerage, you have access via its sister company, LeavenLaw**, to attorneys that have the knowledge and expertise to represent you effectively in court, should you need to and decide to hire them in their capacity as an attorney. In the end, you can rest assured that if you hire NextHome Luxe Coastal as your real estate brokerage, you will have guidance provided that few other real estate brokerages can provide you, and access to professionals in a timely and seamless manner should separate counsel and legal services be needed. NHLC truly is a one-stop real estate shop.

** NOTE: NextHome Luxe Coastal is NOT a law firm and by hiring NextHome Luxe Coastal and its brokerage or agents, you are NOT hiring a lawyer. Further, the information provided by NextHome Luxe Coastal and its broker and agents is not to be construed and is NOT legal advice. If you, the NextHome Luxe Coastal real estate client desire to hire an attorney, by hiring NHLC you simply have immediate and seamless access to the expertise of attorneys and the ability to hire such LeavenLaw attorneys as your lawyer, should the need and desire arise. Any such legal representation will be arise, if ever, by a separate written agreement. No information provided on this website should be construed as, and is not, legal advice.

Casan Collection by NextHome

The Casan Collection

Discover Luxury Real Estate Like Never Before

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A new standard in luxury real estate

NextHome has launched its own luxury brand, The Casan Collection, which sets the bar for how luxury properties are represented, marketed, advertised, and sold. Our NextHome Luxe Coastal team is fortunate enough to have expert real estate agents that understand the art of showcasing opulence and creating unforgettable experiences for discerning buyers and sellers and have qualified for the Casan designation.

Unmatched excellence

Each property featured in The Casan Collection represents the top ten 10 percent of the local market, ensuring that those browsing are searching through only the most exquisite homes. With listing prices equal to or above the top ten percent (10%) of the market, as designated by the esteemed Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, you can expect nothing less than the very best in real estate.

Trained to exceed your expectations

Our NextHome Luxe Coastal agents who have earned the coveted Casan designation have both successfully sold high volumes of luxury properties in their past and have completed the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s intensive two-day training program. This comprehensive program equips our Casan designated agents with exceptional skills in working with affluent buyers and sellers, enabling them to anticipate your every need with finesse, precision, and class.

Your gateway to a world of luxury

In the end, whether you are a buyer or seller of luxury real estate in the Tampa Bay Area, NextHome Luxe Coastal’s Casan qualified agents allow you to indulge in an exquisite experience as we guide you through the area’s hand-picked selection of luxury properties. With “The Casan Collection,” you gain access to an exclusive realm where unparalleled elegance and unmatched service converge.  

We will look forward to helping you find your NextHome!
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